The Most Beautiful Flowers

The Most Beautiful Flowers

Enough of the affordability ! let us for once talk about a feel of luxury and true physical beauty represented in the form of one of the nature’s most inspired piece of offering. Flowers! They are a ton to die for and the way they turn a garden into an Arden of Paradise is unparalleled.  We have all seen the movies, we have all read the books and the poetry of how these exotic flowers beautify the scene. How in one of the Twilight Saga Series movies Edward Collin (Robert Pattinson) and Bella [Kristina Stewart] are laying down after overcoming a dangerous plot devised by the enemy Vitoria. The field of flowers surrounding them further charms the glory they have won, the merry end they deserve.

Flowers are truly an epitome of beauty and embellish phenomenal value to anything they become part of. Let us discuss some of the most beautiful flowers which can allure you and are enough to stun you just like [William Wordsworth] when he saw the +Daffodils dancing with the wind. There is not going to be anything informative regarding the flowers for we will publish another blog later highlighting the care required for exceptional flowers, but for now, we intent to enchant rather than inform, here are 4 of  [the most beautiful flowers] which are normally adored in our society



The Queen of the Night

Have you ever witnessed a flowering [Cactus]? If not then you should see the [Queen of the Night flower] which personifies the saying “Lethal and Beautiful”. With its thorns and harsh and rough structure, beautiful flowers bloom in the most magical fashion of enchantment. Its scientific name is Epiphyllum oxypetalum. The flowers would wilt at dawn and you only go witness their true spell at night. It is the presence of the divine flowers which graces the nocturnal scenery and dies before the arrival of Dawn. The Queen of the night typifies the quote that “some things are more precious because they do not last long”. – [Oscar Wilde]



This is the flower we have been hearing since our childhood, sometimes a sufferer of romance, sometimes a notorious element, sometimes a magical one. The +Rose has achieved the most roles into different hearts and different stories. They represent mysticism, mystery, romance and every emotion acting as a crucial fragment of madness and insanity. They are the often the most noticeable flower and the ultimate show stopper of flower exhibitions.




Flawlessness symmetrical flower buds, a name carrying the meaning of perfect love, a status of prestige gained and is among the eminent flowers such as the Rose. Ladies and Gentlemen we are talking about +Tulip flowers. There are 150 species of +tulips and each represents an emotion, a personality, an identity. Hailing from the ancient and mystic kingdoms of Persia and Turkey, tulips represented the true meaning of elegance. They have a mesmerizing tinge of Panache in their appearance and steals the attention with their gracious standing. The colors of Tulips reflects various values. The red colored Tulip for example typifies true love while the purple one is a marvel and a reflector of sheer royalty, the yellow color on the other hand, expresses mirth and sunshine. The Variegated Tulips are the rarest and the most coveted nowadays due to their lurid striking patterns .Tulips would be the real grace of the garden and would be the best show stopper alongside rose.




Tiger Rose

Let us be grateful to the botanists and the genetic engineers, we have heard that how science mars and tarnishes the nature but who knew it could beautify it as well. [The Tiger Rose] is an upgraded form of rose with patterns naturally embroidering it. The Tiger rose is arguably the most amazing things to look at and redefines the beauty of nature. It’s like beauty being beautified, charm being charmed, and enchanting being enchanted. This seems like an alien flower with the most alluring image and a mysteriously stunning appeal that you just somehow can’t get your eyes off it. The tiger rose can easily be planted in Karachi during fall

Now there are thousands of other flower kinds, each having something unique to offer. These are just some of the hot ones in Karachi that are mostly the talk of the florist or the gardening town. So people of the urban jungle! If you are willing to have any of these exotics in your collections, it would be certainly the most splendid decision you would make for your gardening.


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