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A bunch of Mango Enthusiasts on a mission to offer everyone the true aroma of the king of the fruit.
Delivering fresh farm mangoes of every variety right at your doorsteps. Completely online and easy to order from across Pakistan.
It’s about the king of the fruits Mango, and you
You’re not a true Pakistani if you have not had memories with our national fruit mangoes, either in struggling to suck the sweet pulp while avoiding drippy fingers from Choosne Wala Aam to making sure you’ve cleanly eaten every corner of Aam Ki Gutli. In our daily lives of hustle, Mangoes have played the role of lifesaver of our happiness and joy. And not only this,
Mango is part of our culture, it’s a sign of expressive respect and love. It’s one of the few reasons for a typical Desi family to be together during these fast time of social and electronic media. You love someone, you give them mangoes, you respect someone, and you send them a crate of mangoes. You want to celebrate, you bring mangoes into the house, and no one will deny mangoes and therefore will not deny your affections and care for them. xn--trdlsa-hrlurar-mib8ye.se/ basta-tradlosa-bluetooth-2020
We offer premium quality mangoes carefully picked from farms and deliver them right at your doorsteps. We guarantee freshness and overall quality of any mango variety you desire, anywhere in Pakistan and the best part is that it’s 100% online. Means you would be relaxing or doing some other of your important tasks while our delivery guy would knock on your door. You just leave the quality and the delivery to us.
The good thing is that Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of the fruit king and the mangoes that are grown in our lands is one of the highest quality in the whole world. THAT’S INSANE RIGHT?
But the sad thing is despite being one of the top quality producers, a very less percentage is available for the locals as most of them are exported. We do get to enjoy mangoes, but most of them are not of that good quality.
And that’s why we have come into business, for the love of Mangoes and for the love you. From richly sweet scented and the aromatic Chaunsa, to the pulpy Dussehri and many other varieties. We expertise in mangoes and their deliverance to you. Because we are a hardcore mango loving nation and deserves the best of them to eat and relish.
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