Five plants who own Karachi’s soil

Five plants who own Karachi’s soil

Our city of lights is famous for how the heat greets it. Globally there may be four seasons but to the citizens here, there are only two, winter which stays for a short span of time, and summer which mostly stay as if it owns it. Karachi soil is a tough one just like the reality of the city itself and when it comes to greenery, only the toughest can survive the most beautifully and efficiently amidst all the dryness, sparse water, and the fainting heat. In a place where the rain is a seldom coming visitor and the sun rules brighter and warmer than all of our morning dreams, especially during the summer seasons, it is necessary that the ones who can endure the most and can spread the most are the best ones. In case you are willing to be a part of any planting campaigns, we have come up with [5 plants] or trees who really grow well amidst the harsh soil and weather of Karachi.


  • The Neem Tree

The roughest and the toughest on our very first in the list ladies and gentlemen is the mighty [Neem Tree] who blesses the hot environment with its soothing and offers a rapturous surrounding with its cool and relaxing aroma. The Neem Tree has even made its place in the literature when [Elsa Kazi] (A German writer) Penned down one of her most glorious poems The Neem Tree where she was inspired by the green plant providing next level soothing shade to a traveling while bearing the worst of the scorching heat of the sun, just like an Oasis in the desert.

  • Gulmohar (The flame of the forest)

The [Gulmohar] or what the poets may state as the flame of the forest which stands and spreads proud against the burning and attempts to intimidate the sun with its red shaded leaves just like the golden rich haired lion. Gulmohar is one of the best trees which can stand successfully against the weather and can also provide shades and cools the air which surrounds. In other words, The Gulmohar is among the easiest to plant in the bustling and warm city of Karachi.

  • Amaltas (Indian Laburnum)

+Amaltas are also one of the hassle free going trees of Karachi. There is no rigamarole in planting these for it is a complete ease in having them. Also known as the Golden shower tree, they offer superb greenery to your environment and will act a majestic touch of their beauty. They are also proverbial across the borders and have been surviving here as well. Having these trees might add pretty much of a grace and greenery to the [city of lights] because of their high heat endurance level and the ability to survive in the paucity of water.

  • Laal Badaam (Indian almond)

The bold and the beautiful. The [Badaam tree] or the [almond tree] is another enduring figure of mighty nature which is not only pretty to look at, but also is a perennial plant which can survive in the ruthless weather of Karachi. One disadvantage of this plant is that it is a lazy one when it comes to growing speed, otherwise it would be the best of the part of a ‘Green Karachi’.  It requires less watering, can bear the heat, can clean the pollution, and can look beautiful, all at once.

  • Jaamun (Syzygium cumini /jambolan)

Another of the fruit tree, the +Jamun tree is another which can give usually easy time in growing in the harshest weather. They are rich, they are beautiful, and they are economical when it comes to taking care. They are also some of the most attractive to add tinge of attraction to the bustling concrete jungle because of their ability of bearing and facing dry weather conditions.


These are the five most successful plants when considering planting in the hot and scorching weather of Karachi. They are [the best plants for air purifying], the [perennial] ones, and the ones with the least maintenance. So if you are inspired by any of the recent ongoing campaigns for a greener city, they you should definitely take these plants into consideration and should go for it.



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