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Delivering fresh farm mangoes of every variety right at your doorsteps. Completely online and easy to order from across Pakistan.

It’s about the king of the fruits Mango, and you

You’re not a true Pakistani if you have not had memories with our national fruit mangoes, either in struggling to suck the sweet pulp while avoiding drippy fingers from Choosne Wala Aam to making sure you’ve cleanly eaten every corner of Aam Ki Gutli. In our daily lives of hustle,

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Enough of the affordability ! let us for once talk about a feel of luxury and true physical beauty represented in the form of one of the nature’s most inspired piece of offering. Flowers! They are a ton to die for and the way they turn a garden into an Arden of Paradise is unparalleled.  We have all seen the movies, we have all read the books and the poetry of how these exotic flowers beautify the scene.

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There’s nothing like considering the things for your ideal workplace. After all it acts your second home where you have second family, also known as a corporate family.


They say that your Office is your second home where you get to spend eight to nine hours a day brainstorming and doing activities.  Office is a crucial place, the one where you discover new ideas, discover professionalism, and explore the true world with its massive topping competition in its hasty  pace.

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