Jasmine Sambac


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Pot size : 12 inches

If winter blooms and sweet, nighttime fragrance appeal to your senses, consider growing jasmine indoors. Not all [jasmine flowers] are fragrant, but Jasminum polyanthum, the variety commonly used when growing [jasmine] indoors, has a sweet aroma that is particularly fragrant at night.

Jasmine is known for its intensely fragrant blossoms that flower all year to brighten your home. The starry flowers grow in lovely clusters of bright white (or yellow). … Though jasmine is a vine often grown outdoors, the plant also grows easily indoors.

  1. During the spring and summer months Jasmine needs full sunlight.
  2. In the winter months Jasmine still needs light, but it doesn’t have to be direct.
  3. Soil should be moist and well-drained, but do not over water.
  4. During the summer allow the soil to be moist and let it dry between waterings.
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