Learning From Nature

Learning From Nature


Fashioned to exhibit magnificence and divinity, to possess the holy habit of mystifying into its proverbial and enticing manacles, +nature has always been one of the crucial plus curious talks among the impermanent beings of this world. Not only does nature manifests the meticulously crafted embellishing wonders of the [Almighty God], it also provides a vital source for spirituality and well being.

Nature has offered diverse reasons for us to marvel at; gifted poets, philosophers, thinkers, explorers, medications, a road to mental welfare, and most of all, the widely talked about stages of the initial life on this planet. It was the nature’s +daffodils that mesmerized [William Wordsworth] into writing one of his most flawless masterworks of all time; it was nature’s process that swooned [Ralph Waldo Emerson] into gifting the literature his “Song of Nature”; and many more of its esteemed words of worth have been stirred into the majestic history.

Nature also possesses a notorious fury, from beautiful ravish to wildest ravage, nature is multitalented indeed. Nature is a friend and foe and overall consist of tremendous importance to all of human beings. When we talk about learning from nature, the list of lessons would be lengthy. It would be like thorough listening to the nature of the lessons just like a student listens in a class. We can learn innumerable things from nature by looking at its magical aspects.

When the winds of autumn greet, the trees lose their leaves easily instead of resisting because they believe that new and better ones would be taking place in time. Just like the trees we too should accept our conditions and should accept the change, for it is for one’s own good and precedes a newer greater opportunity to step in.

We have all seen the flying flock of birds, it is wondrous how incredibly they make their smooth movements in the vast open sky like there is no limit of striving once you have gone through the initial steps of flying. We too should realize that for a prosperous tomorrow, it is necessary to abandon the comfort zone and to go out of the way for only then we would taste the sweet of success with its infinite luscious taste.

The moments when the colors of the mortal’s land changes when different winds dance into the ambiance, winds of winter, and winds of springs and so on. This reminds that just like our land, our lives are also charmingly brimmed with the changing colors. We should know that ups and downs are a part of our lives and the better is the one who endures it, relishes it, and makes the most of it for the fruitful up comings.

Every drop of water making up a vast massive ocean. It reflects the fact that if we unite as one, we would become strong, phenomenal, and impact as ever. Never think that a nation divided can prosper. Unite as one and be the formidable desired beauty destined to bask in the future days.

As a writer, nature has catered for my dreams and has offered things to ignite the sparks of my creativity. The snow, the winters, the summers, the sea, sunsets, all have been there to lure that writing flair to bloom, it’s like they are waiting to be refined by me, they implore for [beautiful words] and introduction, someone who could understand and reintroduce in a much spellbinding manner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The most imperative thing we learn from Nature is that it is dying, it is being injured in a continuous and outrageous manner and requires immediate care. For the future generation to relish a healthy nature, we must imply efforts for the healing by stopping the pollutions and the damages by our so called road to technological advancement.

To conclude, nature functions to show us the proper path of living. It blesses, punishes, cherishes, mourns …. Mars and beautifies.


Love and be loved by nature, for it has much to teach,

And we corrupt have much to learn.


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