Best Office Plants

Best Office Plants

The corporate battleground is a tough place and one could easily get blown away in a wave of an anger or frustration, or stress, or perplexity or in any kind of the notorious emotions one would eschew getting entangled in. And most importantly, one would want to prefer interior decoration in the most economical and enchanting style of the corporate floor.

We already have written a blog of how what are the benefits of plants, now let us tell you about which [indoor plants] are the best for your workplace along with a rudimentary description regarding their care. The following are the four best plants one could afford for a workplace and essential for it as well.



This plant would be the perfect peace of beauty and cleanliness in your office. +Angloanema can also survive on artificial light but be careful not to reveal excess of it as it may burn down the beautiful ravishing leaves it is known for. Indirect light would be the best option.

The soil is best to be kept moist but watering is essential during winters. Just make sure to monitor whether the soil dries out after watering as it may cause root rot. This beauty is everything you need to feel calm and make your office look calmer.


China Palm

[China Palm]. The +palms family have always been a tremendous piece in the indoor plants category, they are pretty, they seem royal, and they decrease humidity and surprisingly can even lower the voice being thrown among employees in some corporate fish markets.  Although +Areca Palm and the [Malaysian Palm] are also a good choice, the China Palm gives a regal touch and is one of the most comfortable things to look at.

The growth is slow and but promising as it gives you a lot to marvel at, mental health, a touch of beauty, and an overall work environment in tranquil and beauty.  The growth further slows in winter, make sure the soil is dried as wet soil is harmful for the plant. Water thoroughly during spring and summer. Again to tell that it is crucial to make the soil dry up whole after watering, otherwise this tree is not only the king of the +beach but also  the king of your office.



Money Plant

Most of us all are probably familiar with this growing green beauty. The money plant probably need no introduction as it is one of the most common indoor plants. It’s affordable, its calming, beautiful to look at and everything one could expect from an enticing thing of greenery. It can grow both on shaded area as well as in sunlight. Can endure artificial light and requires medium watering and less in winters. Like all plants, make sure the soil is not kept too wet, it must be dried up otherwise it may cause root rot.

The [Money plant] can be kept on the table in a meeting room or you can also prefer hanging it on the walls or shelves as its thin shoelace lace type vines may spread and conquer the area , making it attractive than ever.



Zebra Cactus

The plant which sounds and looks the most exotic among these all is the stunning and the resplendent [Zebra Cactus]. It looks like a small [Aloe Vera] but the embroidering of white color stripes/ patterns makes it a divine element of grandiose decoration where the Victorian poets would adore bathing in splendor.

When it comes to caring, the easiest we would say regarding it, it requires seldom watering since it belongs to the [Cactus] family. Direct and indirect both type of sunlight are considerable. Just letting you know that warm temperature is

So now here you have it. The most effective and economical plants which can provide manifold benefits to you and your organization whether it is small or large, these plants are sure to offer mental health and should be part of every strategy devised by every [interior designer] or every employee or employer who visions transforming the workplace.


[Greene] offers a wide array of plants including the mentioned. Feel free to call us or visit our site because we have a feel for your environment and nothing makes us more satisfied than to see you happy and prosper in the most comforting manner.

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